Street Fighter 4: Mobile! Super Turbo Multi-Touch Edition – iPhone App

By on February 15, 2010


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Greeting, purveyors of the digital kumite!  Have you ever dreamed of combining two of your favorite things to create a singular uber-gadget?  No, I’m not talking about a titanium spork… although the prospects are intriguing.  I’m talking about a melding of Street Fighter IV and iPhone.

Yes ma’am, that’s right.  Your favorite fighting tournament-based game is coming to the Apple iPhone.  Say it with me people… do want.

Of course, I have a few reservations, mostly about how precise the game will control on the touch screen. A learning curve is to be expected, but what I wanna know is whether or not I’m going to be cursing the app a month after release because the controlS made me miss a crucial shoryuken.

As far as who’s in an who’s out, Capcom has only confirmed our two sleveless gi’d warriors, Ryu and Ken.  A mix of both the pre-SFIV and new to SFIV fighters will most likely be available, as will their complete move sets!  Yes, that mean’s the Ultra Combos too.

Of course, Street Fighter just wouldn’t be Street Fighter without a versus mode.  That’s where the iPhone’s bluetooth connectivity comes into play.  Oh my, the world’s about to become awash in digital fisticuffs.  Goodbye, Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots.

Get your thumbs ready for some portable Focus attacking come this March!

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