Street Fighter IV iPhone Review – SF4 iPhone Gameplay Review Updated

By on March 9, 2010

Hey Fighting Fans,

As you know I am all about the fighting games. However I have never really been too keen on handheld or pocket fighters because they really never live up

Street Fighter 4 iPhone Review

Street Fighter 4 iPhone Review

to their console counterparts. Though when I heard and seen some of the previews on the new SFIV release for the iPhone I just had to do a review of it.

I am going to take one for the on-the-go fighting team and give you the unbridled hardcore no holds-barred review of the just released Street Fighter 4 for the iPhone, iPhone3G and 3GS.

Let’s take a look of what we you can expect and may or may not be missing out on.

As this is an update, from earlier we will be posting the written review first and the video shortly.

1: Control = Control? What’s that? It’s an iphone Game!
Well basically it is a “virtual arcade stick” in the left hand corner. And the buttons for the various strength of kicks is press sensitive. Something that I thought at first would not be well received but happens to turn our pretty well. Depending of course how big your fingers are. The virtual arcade stick works fairly well and was able to pull off charge specials. Not too shabby. I had a little bit of a time with the Ultra on Blanka but it the “alternative Ultra” initiation method was a nice touch for those not versed with playing with virtual controls. Combos were possible, but shaky and clean. Wakeups were totally possible and the Ultra Finishing screens make you feel like a champ!

2: Graphics & Sound = Well, that’s a big decision maker too! How do you emulate a PS3/360 game for a handheld like the Iphone and how well does it work?
Not so bad. Only 8 characters to choose from but the animations are slightly toned down (especially the background) more stable slightly washed. But totally on point for such a small game and the sound make me feel that I should attach a pair of headphones or earbuds and start jamming out. And let’s not forget the “Fight of Your Rival” announcer. Not flawless but very, very acceptable.

3: Replay Value = I actually beat it! I wanted to continue playing!! Can you believe that!? I was intrigued enough to keep playing until Bison! (Spoiler – He’s the last guy)

4: Should You Buy SF4 for iPhone? = Yes, the core audience will find it mildly entertaining and novelty to have it on the go on their phone and new comers can get a taste of the real deal action to come.

Check back for the video review and VS style gameplay shortly! Sign up and Fan us now!

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  • iphone app reveiws

    I don’t think the fans of Street Fighter will really take to this…I know I didn’t. The point of the game is to get your skills to a level where you can use them to beat your opponents. This just reduces everything to button mashes. I am not faulting Capcom, they did what they had to in order ot make the game playable. I just cannot extract any fun from this title. And, the reason there is no multiplayer? Because there is no finesse to the gameplay. Anyone with fingers can compete ta the highest level – that’s what’s wrong here!

  • Club Penguin

    I love the video calling feature.

  • Hai Halgrimson

    Why people so crazy about iphone 4 even the problem with the atenna. I decided to go for a LG, it’s better

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