Super Street Fighter 4 AE might be hitting the PC after all

By on February 9, 2011

You’ve read it before. Rumors about a PC version of SSF4 that Capcom secretly develops and is ready by now. Well, let’s get one thing straight. It’s not. There isn’t any PC version of SSF4. But don’t get upset, as things aren’t as bad as they sound. There are a lot of indications that a PC version of SSF4 AE will be announced for the PC in the coming months. How we know? Keep reading.

First and foremost, development of the arcade version of SSF4 has come to an end and the arcade version is very similar to our common PC’s. So porting the code from there won’t be as hard as porting it from the consoles. Of course there are some issues like the GFWL implementation and the support of all possible CPU/GPU/MB/RAM configurations, but still. It’s something that can be done quite easily. What really seems like a wind of change however and shows signs of a possible PC version, is the behavior of Yoshinori Ono. In the past, Yoshinori Ono was complaining about piracy and that they wouldn’t release SSF4 due to it. In the past few days however, there are hints of change. In his recent interview with Capcom-Unity, Ono stated that he doesn’t want to say too much but we can notice that his tone has changed and he’s warm to the idea. Furthermore, in his Twitter Ono answered to some PC gamers and said to wait patiently as they are headed to the right direction.

There is also the following screenshot of a keyboard and a blanka figure. This screen obviously points to a PC announcement at Captivate 2011 that will be held in North America on April 6 and 7. Given the fact that Yoshinori Ono has changed his mind, we can’t think of any reason why porting SSF4 AE to the PC wouldn’t be possible. Due also to the close relationship with Nvidia, Capcom might surprise us with a third person mode, similar to the one of the 3DS version. Keep in mind after all that all of Capcom’s latest PC releases are 3D Vision Ready.

So the big question is, why did Capcom delay it? The answer is quite simple. The available market is not as big as the one in consoles. Given also the fact that Capcom had already in the works both SSF4 and SSF4 AE, it is only natural to wait for the right time of announcing and releasing the latest version to the smallest available market. We strongly believe that the claims for not releasing SSF4 due to piracy were not true. Capcom could easily counter-attack it with the use of GFWL SSA keys. They simply wanted to skip the first version of SSF4 and port the latest one to the PC. PC gamers were left out in cold. That’s true. But things will get better.

Again this is just speculation but everything points to one thing. SSF4 AE might be hitting the PC after all. We’ll have more news in April so stay tuned for more!

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