• Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect Details and Launch Date

    Microsoft’s answer to Nintendo’s Wii motion gaming is now called the Kinect. I’m glad they went away from the Natal name, it reminded me too much of birthing. Ew. Microsoft has announced the launch date for Kinect....

    • Posted 14 years ago
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  • Natal Debuts New Parental Controls for Xbox 360

    Microsoft is set to show off their long awaited Project Natal for the Xbox 360. LA Times had the opportunity to try it out and reported on it. One thing they mentioned was a new parental control...

    • Posted 14 years ago
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  • Microsoft’s Project Natal: Making Waves at CES

    Hey gamers! Got some CES 2010 news there for you about the much talked about Project Natal! Motion Sensor technology.  You’re hearing about it everywhere.  Ever since the moment Nintendo revealed the Wii back in 2006, the...

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