Terraria’s launch is a huge success

By on May 18, 2011

Earlier this month, we informed you about a game that resembled Minecraft. We described it as a 2D Minecraft game. Terraria was launched this Monday on Steam and oh boy, it’s really addictive and fun. The game was released without any marketing campaign and get ready for this, it met huge success. Right now, Terraria is the second best selling game on Steam. Way to go guys, you deserve it.

Additionally, Terraria is the sixth most played game on Steam, ahead of Portal 2 and Team Fortress. The developers also noted that at its first day, over 17,121 players were playing the game at the same time. And that’s a game that was merely marketed. Just… WOW.

In case you didn’t pay attention to it, Terraria is a 2D Minecraft game. It’s fully destructible and it randomly generates worlds that can be mined for materials. With those materials you can craft various tools and here is the biggest difference between Minecraft and Terraria. In Terraria you can craft dozens of extraordinary items.

Enjoy the game’s official trailer!

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