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By on May 16, 2012
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Tex Murphy’s last adventure happened back in 1998 and it ended on a cliffhanger, which many fans weren’t pleased about.  Similar to Larry and other classic characters that we believed were lost, Tex is hoping to make a return with the thanks to the people on Kickstarter.  His new outing is being currently called Project Fedora and it will be taking directly after Overseer, the last game to be made in the Tex Murphy series.


For those who haven’t played any of the games, like me, the series takes place in the near future after World War III in San Francisco where, due to radiation, some of the inhabitants are mutants, but our boy Tex is a normal human with immunity to the radiation and has taken up a PI firm in Old San Fran, which is where most mutants live.  As you probably can surmise from the video, the tone of the series is a sci-fi, film noir, also, there’s a lot of pointing and clicking to experience.

As for Project Fedora one of the key features it’s highlighting, besides keeping its FMV cutscenes intact, is that there will be times where the game and/or the narrative will unfold differently.  Depending on your actions and choices, it will lead you down at least three different story paths and it will lead to multiple endings.

The funding goal for the game is $450,000, which, after launching yesterday, has already made over $150,000, so I’m sure that we won’t have to worry about it not being funded.  If you want help out, check out Tex Murphy Project Fedora’s Kickstarter.  Also, maybe consider picking up the classics, which you can over at GOG.


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