The Gunsmith is the new project of Fractiv, former Offset Software team

By on February 21, 2011

It’s really sad how things turned out for Offset Software and its little baby, Project Offset. Project Offset shocked us when it was first demonstrated. The game featured amazing animation, graphics and was powered by one of the best game engines we’ve ever seen. Each and every trailer was breathtaking and due to the team’s talent, Intel decided in 2008 to purchase the Offset Software team. Project Offset was meant to be a launch title for Intel’s new GPU, Larrabee. However, Larrabee didn’t ship and Project Offset was a casualty of this.

The IP and Engine are property of Intel so its future is out of their hands. They have tried working with Intel to obtain the rights and there are some good people there who have made some effort to help them, but without success. As a result of this, the team decided to go back to their roots of being an independent game company and created their new company called Fractiv. Fractiv are currently hard at work on an action rpg/adventure game called “The Gunsmith”. Although we don’t have any information about “The Gunsmith” or its engine, we know one thing for sure. Fractiv is really talented and they have learned a lot from their previous mistakes.

Project Offset was a vaporware but this won’t be the case with “The Gunsmith”. So stay tuned for more!

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