No Time To Explain – the next Super Meat Boy?

By on April 25, 2011

No Time To Explain is a platformer game about Time Travel, Big Jetpack Guns, Giant Enemy Crabs and Ribs in People’s Eyes. The game is developed by tinyBuildGAMES, a team consisted by two member, Alex Nichiporchik and Tom Brien. You can view a trailer of the game after the jump!

Think Back to the Future meets The Butterfly Effect. Add a lot of blood and people getting dragged away by monsters, and you’ve got our game.

You are taken on a wild adventure of time paradoxes, things that make no sense and more things that make less sense. Eventually it will wrap up in a way that does make a little sense though.

The game is currently on sale before it comes out to raise funds. As the team states, the community is what makes or breaks an indie game.

“The more people pledge, the bigger, better and available to more people on more platforms will No Time To Explain be. If the 100% goal is met, expect the game to definitely come out on Apple’s iOS (iPad/iPhone). If we go beyond, think Xbox & PS3/NGP!”

The minimum pledge is just 1$ and as you can see, the game looks quite promising. If you’re interested, you can place a pledge at the game’s official site.

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