Tiny Plumbers Offer to Solve All Your Problems

By on May 1, 2012
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These Tiny Plumber guys might have “plumbers” in their work title, but they do so much more then simply fix some pipes.  They also will fix those pesky monster problems, help with those killer spike blocks falling on your head, and also get those annoying princesses.  All they ask from you is, if you act now, a $5 deposit, be allowed to have any coins they find while doing their job, and also any food they come across.

Just let their commercial for their services tell you all that you need to do and know.


Now for a change of pace and on a more serious note, Tiny Plumbers is an upcoming game by Robot Loves Kitty that can be best described as a parody or spoof to a certain chubby Italian plumber that some of us grew up with.  It’s a low-res, I want to say 8-bit, 2D platformer and the levels are procedurally generated, excluding the very beginning of a level and the boss battles or at least the one I beat.

While Mario might have things like ‘shrooms, leaves, and flowers to give him power-ups, very vegan I must say, our hero Tony eats manly things such as donuts, hamburgers, and… salt.  Also, those pesky princesses actually have some worth in Tiny Plumbers as currency.  The more you collect, the more game modes that you can unlock at your friendly Princess Exchange Store.

You can currently pre-purchase the game over at the game’s site for the low, low price of $5.  This gets you access into the current build of the build, which is beta, and all future builds of the game as they are released.  There isn’t a release date for the full version of the game just yet nor is the full price revealed.

As the game is still a beta, there are still some bugs, but that’s what you expect from them.  I found one very weird one that I have no idea how it was activated… Tony turned into a snail, but sadly I couldn’t move or do anything.


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