Trials HD has sold more that Two Million Units

By on May 27, 2011

RedLynx announced today that their award-winning motorcycle stunts game, Trials HD, has sold more than two million units on XBLA. This number includes the sales of both the base game and its DLC’s. Which is great to say the least, as Trials HD is one of the most addictive motorcycle games. It als features exceptional physics, which make the various motorcycle crashes better than ever.

Tero Virtala, CEO of RedLynx said:

“It’s been a little more than a year and a half since Trials HD was released. For a digitally downloaded game, this is a significant milestone, and shows one of the many ways the digital space is quickly growing and the industry itself is changing and evolving. We couldn’t be more pleased with the success, and we’d like to thank all our fans for their continuous support and enthusiasm for our game.”

Antti Ilvessuo, Creative Director of RedLynx added:

“Naturally we are quite pleased with the success of Trials HD, but the most important thing for us is to continue making excellent games that other gamers will like. Whatever the future holds remains to be seen, but currently we have six teams working on six games, so I can guarantee there are other great RedLynx games in the works. Other than that, I must remain silent. It is the Finnish way. That, and sitting in a stiflingly hot sauna during midsummer without saying a word. That is the Finnish way.”

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