Tritton AX Micro Answers the Call as a Good Cheap Bluetooth Headset

By on January 21, 2011

Smaller is better. Well, sometimes.

Cheap Bluetooth Headset

Cheap Bluetooth Headset

We can also use that other trite saying “Good things come in small packages” however we don’t want to sound like one of those old time coffee table books. I mean the bottom line is that you come here for the deals, right?

Well, today we are featuring some must have technology. Just about every smart phone, PC and even game systems have the Bluetooth technology available to them. Unfortunately for quite some time it seems that new technology also comes pretty pricey. Though today we are set to change that.

If you are looking for a good cheap Bluetooth headset, then look no further than the Tritton AX Micro. It’s small, compact, has an in-ear bud comfort fit and not only works with Bluetooth devices like your cell phone but it’s also a PS3 Bluetooth compatible headset. Up until now, there has been many *Bluetooth headsets that just aren’t compatible with the Playstation 3 but this one is! It also features a great rechargeable cradle for an almost instant recharge.

We gave these a real once over and for the price we can honestly say Das is Good on these little badboys. So if your still playing with some clunky wired headset, now there is no reason not to upgrade.

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