Video Game Costumes – What Video Game Costume Character Are You?

By on August 28, 2011

I love Halloween.

video game costumes

The Best Video Game Costumes

It’s probably my favorite time of year. The nights start to cool down, the sun goes down a little earlier and of course the games come on. And there is just no way to be a gamer and not get yourself in tune with your inner game character for Halloween by dressing up in your favorite video game costumes.

As all the local Halloween costume stores open up locally, I find myself wondering what type of gamer stigma I’m going to get depending on what type I video game costume I purchase. Even though I am an equal opportunity gamer (meaning that I play just about every genre of video game), I can already foresee the Halloween party conversations that are going to take place. I may get some compliments, I may even see people start drinking the “Haterade” as I don my favorite Street Fighter costume. Conversations that I know will end up in a heated conversation of what characters are better, who really sucks and perhaps if I’m lucky enough (or drunk enough), I might even start voice acting my specials.

So the question is what video game costume character are you? Would you buy a premade one? Are you making your own? Or maybe going to make a hybrid version??

Here’s a few Video Game Halloween Costumes that are going to be heading up your drunken night of chaos:

The Mario Halloween Costume

mario halloween costume

The not so Super Mario Halloween Costume

I think I fear this costume the most. For 2 major reasons. The first, is that I know that this well employed fat plumber is here just to eat up all my pasta and walk around to all my hot girlfriends and say “Itsa Me…Mario”. Now mind you that the “Itsa a Me” line is really a passive fat guy pickup line and a serious excuse to cop a few cheap feels. But then again, I guess Mario does have the largest paycheck here and in tough economic times, the ladies know that this is the meal ticket.

Halo Costume

halo video game costume

Master Chief Halo Game Costume

The Halo costumed crusader most likely be the strong silent type (Mainly because anything he could possibly say would be garbled and unheard). I would be fast to employ this party guardian against the infamous Super Mario Bros and could honestly say that I would even trust him with my freshly poured cup of party beer. Why? Because I know he’s on the job and it’s his business to blow shit up when things come to close.

The Street Fighter Costumes

street fighter costumes

Akuma Street Fighter Costume

And now we come to the “lonely fighters club” Halloween costumes selection. Now I could of put the other Shoto characters in here, but we all know if we are going to dress up in a Street Fighter Costume then you should go for the gold and be Akuma, because anyone else would just be the same as putting on your little brother’s karate gi. Not to mention the person wearing it will have been either an out of shape bologna armed Ken (slapping back to many cheap beers) or a skinny unimpressive Ryu. So do us all a favor and get the Akuma costume, get that badass wig on and step into your inner raging demon.

And last but not least, the rebirth of the frost fiend himself!

Mortal Kombat Costumes

mortal kombat costumes

Sub Zero Mortal Kombat Costume

Yes, it’s back in a big way. Mortal Kombat has returned, and if it’s one thing I plan on seeing is an unemployed Blue Ninja costume AKA Sub Zero. MK 9 being as big as it is, I can guarantee the Mortal Kombat costume love will be seen at Halloween parties everywhere (blue hockey shin guards not included)!

Well, I can go on and on. But the question is, what video game costume character are you? What do you think would be badass? Who will you be playing this haunted holiday as?

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