Volition: “PC versions are worth of our time”

By on March 19, 2011

We’ve heard it before; developers and publishers blaming the piracy for low profits of their PC versions. But there are some developers that still think that PC platform is healthy and is worth of their time and effort. This time, it was Volition’s turn to defend PC gaming in a recent interview to Eurogamer

Some people say PC is dying,’ said Studio Manager, Eric Barker. ‘Some people say PC is the future. PC is the most variable, because it depends on what you’ve got under the hood. For us, the key thing was making sure the PC version was done in-house.

Volition’s statement doesn’t shock us. Earlier this month, EA stated that the PC platform is as healthy as ever, whereas DICE is confident to develop Battlefield 3 with the PC platform as their primary focus. Oh and keep in mind that one of the most anticipated RPG’s of 2011 is PC exclusive.

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