WAKFU Update 0.305 Launches Today

By on May 26, 2011

Ankama Games let us know that a new update for Wakfu’s beta version will be released today. This patch will update your client’s version to 0.305 and will feature 2 new classes as well as the brand new arcade dungeons. Those two new classes are Sacriers and Xelors. Moreover, a lot of bugs have been and numerous client optimizations have been added. You can view the entire changelist after the jump.

Update 0.305 Key Features:

Arcade dungeons :
The new “arcade” dungeons allow players to compete in a ladder system. The best fighters among all nations will receive their name on a statue at the dungeons’ entrance.
–          There are two types of arcade dungeons:
o   Time Attack: The goal is to complete the dungeon as quickly as possible.
o   Survival: The goal is to stay alive as long as possible while fighting several waves of monsters.
–          Animated doors convey the dungeon’s level of difficulty via the number of eyes present.

Misc :
–          Politics: players can now view the popularity of elected governors.  If this rating is very high, a statue will be erected in honor of the Governor and his works in the nation’s capitol. If he becomes too unpopular, the governor will be removed from office and new elections will begin!
–          Ecosystem: When a species is endangered within a particular zone, the Ecologist may pay the Clan Member to obtain seeds (cuttings/etc.) and thus rebalance the affected resource. Moreover, laws about ecosystem protection have been balanced.

–          Crafting: New crafting recipes have been added to create craft machines for the Haven Bags. It is now possible to craft in one’s Haven Bag.
–          Continent architecture: A board room, a village hall and a torture chamber are now available in every nation’s capitol. In addition, interlinking sewers have been added, which connect beginner zones to the rest of the continent and allow players to bypass crowded markets.
–          Balanced monsters: monster levels have been adjusted in order to balance leveling progression between the lands of Bonta and Amakna
–          Interactions with Islands of WAKFU: achievements in Islands of WAKFU allow players to win exclusive items in the WAKFU MMO.

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