War Of The Burning Sky – Online launching soon

By on March 21, 2011

GSG Systems in collaboration with ENWorld Publishing, brings you War of the Burning Sky – Online (“WotBS – Online”), a free to play, role-playing game that uses an OGL 3.5 System Compatible rule set. WotBS – Online is an online role-playing game, based on the epic fantasy campaign saga created by ENWorld Publishing. WotBS – Onlinereinvents non-linear gaming and takes player engagement to the next level.

WotBS – Online will pave the way for the revolutionary merging of the open world simulation and the multi-playing RPG genres, making for a totally immersive gaming experience.

WotBS – Online features:

Generate your character. Pick your race, your alignment, and manipulate your character’s statistics in order to showcase the skills and personality of your avatar.

Explore the world. Exotic lands, their seasons, atmosphere and the culture of the races inhabiting them are intricately captured, providing the character with more than an escape, but a total experience.

Engage in combat. Complex villains and non-playable characters make for rich interaction and epic fight scenes where the character can advance his combat skills and ranks in battle.

Play with your friends. Share your version of reality with real-life friends.  Organize your own groups, discuss strategies and form hierarchies of leadership with other players and get the most of each encounter.

Nothing is without consequence. Everything you do makes an impact on the world. Powers can shift, political systems can collapse, economic climates can reverse—all triggered by your actions and decisions.

Time is alive. The struggle within the world’s council of power, sinister plots and large-scale attacks on some cities are ongoing in the vast world even as you play, like an interactive soap opera. This is a dynamic, breathing world, and it’s all yours.

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