White Night – Total Conversion Mod for Amnesia

By on May 2, 2011

White Night is a mod for Amnesia that approaches differently and focuses on storytelling. The player will try to understand and follow the story over notes and dialogs to figure out what exactly happened to David. Tanshaydar, creator of this Total Conversion, is trying to see how much a well written old-school type story can immerse the player. You can check out a video after the jump!

White Night also promises to offer beautifully designed levels in an old-fashioned asylum with various puzzles to solve. Players will discover what happened to David, and why the mod is called “White Night”.

What makes White Night so special is the fact that everything is made from scratch. All other mods of Amnesia used its base content. White Night won’t. As a total conversion, the game will have custom pre_menu, custom menu background and custom content.

We should also note that White Night is not a horror mod. It’s scary, it’ll have it’s scares, whole atmosphere will screw your mind, but this is not a horror mod. More like a thriller. Or as the creator describes, something between or both horror and thriller.

Tanshaydar is also considering releasing a demo of White Night. Untill then, enjoy the following video.

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