Two Worlds II Patch 1.2 released for the PC

By on February 10, 2011

Reality Pump has just released the latest patch for the PC version of Two Worlds II. This patch upgrades your game version to 1.2 and includes various fixes and additions. The European version was released in 2010, while the North American version was released a month ago. Two Worlds II is a great RPG that resolves most of its predecessor gameplay issues. We are happy with Reality Pump’s support and we are looking forward to more patches in the near future. Till then, download and install this latest patch. Download link and release notes after the jump.

Description: 1.2 patch fixes:
– Mana Shield potion duration was reduced to match the spell’s duration,
– Torch display name bug has been fixed,
– Torch graphic bug when using two weapons has been fixed,
– Several terrain issues were fixed,
– DX10 lights have been improved,
– Hero animations are now preloaded on PC for better performance,
– Quest Log filtering has been added (hides solved and failed quests),
– A bug with David’s quest in Ashos has been fixed,
– Summons’ level has been capped to hero level (both SP and MP),
– Camera work after performing Finish Off has been improved,
– Environment sound issues have been fixed,
– Velroy’s Key now properly opens gate in “What’s behind that door?”,
– Shopkeeprs won’t talk too much anymore,
– The problem with being stuck in Vahkmaar Castle after finishing the main plot has been fixed,
– Several questlog issues have been fixed,
– Village shops now properly generate items,
– “The Lion” membership card bug has been fixed,
– Fixed displaying negative Aura values in “drop Auras to chest” menu,
– Removed possibility of cloning items in village chest,
– Removed possibility of cloning or loosing items in town trading,
– Fixed animation of Counter Strike when using shield,
– Fixed strength of “Super Jump” spell for lower levels,
– Added the possibility to make multiple alchemy potions at the same time,

To download the patch, head over to the game’s official site.

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