Xbox Game Room says no Mature Games..

By on February 1, 2010


As you may have heard, Microsoft announced the Xbox Game Room at the 2010 CES. A new environment for your Xbox Avatar to explore, and find classic games from the past! Great concept right? Yes, but the only problem is that a new report has just came out in an interview between GamerBytes and a Microsoft Rep, that the new Game Room will only carry E or E10+, and currently there are no plans to carry mature or even Teen rated titles in the future.

So no Mortal Kombat, or pretty much any other classic fighting game for that matter.. If the Microsoft Rep is telling the truth, they are not completely going to feed the retro gamer community with Centipede and Asteroids.. This possibly could be Microsofts attempt to become more family oriented, or perhaps this would take away from DLC purchases. Whatever the reason, it seems we will not be able to expose are little Avatar to Scorpion’s skull shooting fire and burning bodies to death. I will save this one for project Milo then.

[Source: GamerBytes]

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