Amazing ‘HD Textures Pack’ in the works for Crysis 2

By on April 21, 2011

Some criticized us about stating our thoughts about Crysis 2 and Crytek’s decisions over the years. It might be hard for some fans to accept simple facts and in case you didn’t know, we loved the first Crysis. We loved it because it offered so many news things and features to the table. To fully understand and comprehend it, you have to realize that Crysis was way beyond anything we’ve ever seen back in 2007. It’s like the Samaritan tech demo actually getting released as a game. And if Crysis 2 was as perfect as most fans claim it to be, they surely won’t be impressed by this upcoming ‘HD Textures Pack’ from inCrysis member, MaLDo. But let’s face it… they won’t be simply impressed. They will be blown away!

Words cannot describe what MaLDo has managed to achieve. There are some others modders that are also preparing ‘Textures Pack’, like Rygel that is best known for his ‘Textures Pack’ for both Crysis and Crysis: Warhead. However, the work of MaLDo is simply mind-blowing. Now imagine if we got DX11 Tessellation for LOD (meaning, no pop-ups), POM for those that lack DX11 hardware, better real-time reflections and destructibility as good (or even better given the fact that CryEngine 3 offers better interactivity) as the first part.

CryEngine 3 has potential and it’s really sad witnessing modders figuring ways of decrypting .pak files and editing/modding the textures without proper mod tools. Crysis 2 will look better as time goes by, modders will enhance it as much as they can. Crytek should however provide the tools instead of doing everything they can to discourage them.

You can view some before/after screenshots. On the left we have the original textures and on the right the modded ones.


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  • Yo

    Awesome Maldo is Awesome!

  • irishblood

    some of the ones on the left actually look better than the ones on the right. How have those been improved?
    the main one is the phone pic, it looks to have less texture and res. for the new screen on the right.

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    • Voodoo

      Are you blind?

  • guest.

    nerds rejoice. putting yourself in time-out has never looked better!

  • Slkfjl

    what about dx11?.

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      No news yet

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    Thank you