Are You Buying The Playstation Move?

By on September 16, 2010

The future is here. The time is now. Tomorrow (or tonight at midnight) gamers put down the joystick and pick up the Move. Is motion gaming the future, Das Reviews wants to know:

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  • tarbis

    I’m waiting for the Big 3 shooting move bundle. I want to play time crisis with move =D

  • Wiimote ripoff

    Way to busy playing Halo:Reach to even think about purchasing this.
    By then… Kinect will be out…

    I’ll definately skip move… it’s an unimaginative wiimote ripoff

  • ^ That guy fails at life

    ^ Good luck with kinetimals Failure

  • Bryan Zaragoza Bacorro

    I want to. I like the Wii and I like the fact that the move is Wii HD. Also the fact I can play Resident Evil 5 with this control scheme is why I really want it. But I’m not buying it right away because i’m brizoke.