Das Impressions of Playstation Move at E3 2010

By on June 16, 2010

One of the biggest things that people have to realize is that the Playstation Move is close to the Wii in terms of looks and concept but that is where the comparison has to end. The movement controls are true 1:1  (within the camera’s view range) and while the controller looks stupid, the button placement is perfect for your hands, and the calibration system is easy to do and a snap to finish. This makes the Move a complete overhaul of the system that the Wii started and a huge step forward in motion control technology.

The controls are only as good as the game that come with it. Couple of the games played like Hustle Kings pool game and the boxing game show off some of the good motion controls with the 1:1 and smoothness. Pool worked exactly works as it should with the Move controller working as your cue controls the power, spin, and direction as you play pool. The boxing game works like Wii Boxing game with the exception that you hands move right where your hands actually are instead of general waggles in a direction. That can be used to block and attack the opponent like you would in real life.  As the device gets closer to launch we will see how it improves with a couple tweaks and updates. However the current version work beautifully and we can’t wait until the launch in November.

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