Assassin’s Creed III’s 44 Second Trailer is a Tease

By on May 7, 2012
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If you were wanting some heart pounding Assassin’s Creed III action in your latest trailer, you just might be let down for two different reasons.  First of all, it lasts only 44 seconds, and secondly, it’s just a teaser for the full trailer, featuring gameplay, to come, which will only become unlocked after you, your friends, and random strangers online do some advertising for Ubisoft.  Don’t you just love it when game companies do that?  Who can blame them though, as it’s free advertising due to those fans wanting to see the full trailer.

The teaser trailer itself shows our boy Connor chasing after a Red Coat and then shooting him in the calf with an arrow.  I wonder if this shall too become a meme, “I used to be an infantryman, but then I took an arrow to the calf… and an axe to the face.”  Well, we don’t know if he gets an axe, but it sure does look like he will.

To help unlock the full trailer, you’ll have to go to Assassin’s Creed’s Facebook page and like it.  You’ll also have a few different things to do to help increase the unlock bar, such as tweeting #AC3, recruiting friends to the page, and posting on their page.  When that bar is filled, we’ll be getting a look at the gameplay in action, which, if you are a fan of the series, are probably hoping is sooner then later.  I just want to see how well that free running in the trees goes.


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