Battlezone 3 being made by its fans

By on February 21, 2011

Battlezone was one of the best hybrid RTS’ and its fans are still waiting, patiently for the next chapter. So if you can’t wait for a proper, official sequel, here comes Anonymous Games with their own vision of what Battlezone 3 would have been. It might not have Crysis’ graphics, it might not be as modern as other FPS games, but it’s a start. The game will be called BZ3 Genesis or BZ3 to avoid any legal issues it might have had with the Battlezone’s trademark. Of course Activision and Atari can stop them. Given the fact however that this game will be free-to-play, there isn’t any reason for them to become the ‘next Ubisoft’ Screenshots after the jump.

Here are the team’s goals and the first two screenshots. Enjoy them!

BZ3 defines itself officially as an open community driven project to recreate Bz1 gameplay mechanics (vehicle handling, RTS gameplay, etc.) on the UDK. With the future goal of authenticly remaking Bz1, bringing it to life on a next gen platform; the UDK.

Open development meaning we aim to be as transparent as possible, and we aim to release quick and often to the community. This does not include open source however. Though that is not excluded for the future.

The game, assets or tools it yields will be available to the community for free, and the project doesn’t have any interest of making profit (beyond the required to keep us hosted etc.) at least for now.

These are our definitive short term goals, and they are quite ambitious with today’s standards that we aim for. Experience tells that progress on community driven projects is often slow. It’s an effort of rare spare time invested by enthusiastic (often non-professionals) into realizing a common dream. It’s easy to grow over ambitious, so we must keep focused for probably quite a good time.

First things first, and we don’t have any consent on goals or business models beyond that, though being an open community project, we can take it anywhere we want.

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