Brink – new updates for all three platforms

By on May 12, 2011

Wow. Bethesda has rushed to release Brink and as a result of that, two of its versions suffer from a lot of bugs/glitches. The PC version is almost bug-free, though there are some minor glitches here and there. X360 version however is literally messed up and the PS3 version is plagued by the well known PSN issue. Splash Damage however, developers of the game, promised to release some new patches for all three platforms that will fix them.

For starters, the X360 has already been patched and the game doesn’t suffer from the texture pop-in issue anymore. Additionally, most of the crashes have been fixed and the multiplayer client prediction has been improved. Splash Damage is investigating the lag issues that some gamers have reported and might release another patch in the near future.

The same patch will be released for PS3 (if it isn’t already available). Moreover, the PS3 patch improves host’s migration and fixes an issue with the game’s Ability Wheel. Although PSN is down, gamers will be able to download and update their game.

As for PC users, a Steam patch is available as we speak and addresses the bug that corrupts gamer’s character data. This patch also enhances Steam’s stability. Furthermore, a new patch is in the making to sort out a FOV problem.

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