Hydrophobia Prophecy Update 5 Released

By on May 24, 2011

Dark Energy released the fifth update for the PC version of Hydrophobia Prophecy. This latest update improves further performance, improves the character animation when aiming, fixes the leaderboard display and improves the bloom effect to make the visuals sharper and smoother. You can view the entire changelist after the jump. The update will be auto-download next time you start Steam.

Hydrophobia: Prophecy Update 5 info:

  • More FPS performance improvements
  • Water powers SFX improvements
  • Character animation when aiming tweaked and improved
  • Fixed bug where player could get locked in aim mode
  • Fix bug where menu navigation sounds could trigger in game
  • Improved water powers keyboard and mouse controls based on community feedback by switching to a simple toggle to activate/deativate water powers
  • Improved bloom (HDR) to make visuals sharper and smoother
  • Updated German / Italian translations
  • Fixed bug where SARA could disappear and prevent progress
  • Fixed rare bug which could cause character to get sucked through objects
  • Improved water reflection / refraction
  • Improved Sonic Rounds based on community feedback so full charged headshots are more effective
  • Fix for issue where character could get stuck inside ramp-like object
  • Fix for rare bug which could cause character to fold in half while ascending in water
  • Fix for rare bug where character could back / side roll through geometry
  • Improved camera when aiming and surfacing / diving while using floating cover
  • Leaderboard display issue fixed
  • Fixed some crashes
  • Plaza battle design improvements based on community feedback
  • SARA battle design improvements based on community feedback

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