Use Portal 2’s Level Editor or You’re Fired

By on May 8, 2012
Level Editor


People have been getting a little antsy on Portal 2‘s level editor release today; especially as many were believing that the editor would be released much earlier in the day.  Now that we have the ability to create our very own glorious test chambers for science, we better get a move on it or the big man is gonna come down on us.  That’s right, earlier this week, you should have gotten a memo from our head honcho Cave Johnson informing you on the consequences about not doing your civic duty of creating test chambers.  To make sure you understood, he reiterated the importance on the web.

Cave Johnson here. Your boss. It’s come to my attention that some of you are concerned after receiving my all-staff memo yesterday (“You: Design Test Chambers or You’re Fired”). So to put your minds at ease, let me clarify: You are not mentally ill and you did read the memo just fine. It was real. You should be designing test chambers, right now and at all times, or by God I will fire you.

To get an idea of how you’ll be using that creativity of yours to create a test chamber, here’s some fellow employee of Aperture Science getting early access to this editor.


As soon as you start up your Steam client, Portal 2 should automatically update and, with that, will be the level editor.  Best to hurry and get to creating some test chambers or Mr. Johnson won’t be pleased.  Also, if you don’t have Portal 2 yet, and why don’t you, then you should be quite happy with the 66% off sale they are having on the Portal franchise.

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