Creating Messy Levels with Dustforce’s Level Editor

By on April 30, 2012


All wannabe janitors with parkour skills likely found a glimpse into their dreams with Hitbox Team’s Dustforce, which was released earlier this year.  Also, if you are OCD like me, you were likely constantly yelling at the game “Must make clean!”  Now, if there was anything that was missing that people were clamoring for, it was a level editor.

Well folks, you don’t have that much longer to wait for you to able to create some messy levels of your own that you and others can clean up.  Coming out tomorrow will be a update that includes in it a level editor. Hitbox Team was even kind enough to upload a video showing off the editor in action.

The editor does seem very simple and easy to use, so much that even I could create a level.  I won’t say it’ll be a great level or a pretty level or even one you’ll want to play, but a level nonetheless.

If you don’t have Dustforce yet, you can nab it on Steam for only $9.99.  It’s well worth the price.

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