Crisis 2 becomes a crisis?

By on February 1, 2011

Crytek’s new release for 2011, Crisis 2 has finally released its multiplayer demo exclusive to Microsoft Xbox 360. If you didn’t know Crisis was originally a game for PC and was a smash hit for all the PC users around the world, that’s if you’ve payed enough money on your computer to be able to run it. However in March 2011 Crisis 2 will be released on both PS3 and Xbox 360, and obviously PC. I downloaded this Crisis 2 demo on my xbox the day it came out, yeah, i no, I’m sad. However, I was glad I did so, Crisis 2 was one of the games I was really looking forward to this year in terms of first person shooters and in fact i still am! The demo was awesome from my perspective, although very similar to Call of Duty in terms of controls. Imagine Halo mixed with Call of Duty and there you go! Crisis 2! One thing I do have to mention is the sweet graphics of the game that almost convinced me I was actually the one running around killing the C.E.L.L soldier guys!

As you can see, it looks like they have put a lot of blood, sweat and thumb muscles into the creation of this game and if I’m honest, I’m glad! There were a few problems that i noticed, for example connection to some of the other players. I noticed that sometimes it could get a little glitchy and someone you killed could die a second or two after you killed them, or you and others could die when behind cover after the enemy has stopped shooting. All of these problems are due to the connection and I really do hope that it’s just the demo and will be a lot better in the actual game, if it is I think it really will be a good competitor against other shooters being released this year.

If you don’t actually know anything about Crisis 2 it’s based in 2023 with simply an alien attack against the humans etc. you know the traditional alien stories from games like Halo and Gears of War. Well your character wears something called the Nanosuit 2, I’m guessing an upgrade from the first Crisis game and it can basically turn invisible or get stronger through a shield. The whole concept is based on Energy because we wouldn’t want you walking around invisible all day now would we. Energy is used up when you sprint, jump, turn invisible or use your shield and recharges over time, quite quickly really. If you do multiple tasks at once such as sprint whilst invisible, then your energy will be depleted a lot quicker. That’s how the game works. Its really good fun to play and it impressed me greatly, with the snipers not being very good and the map being a good size to remember easily so i could easily run around kicking alien ass, which is what life is all about. I’ve made it certain I am going to get this game and i would really recommend it to you, or at least for you to check out some videos  to see some gameplay. In my eyes I don’t think it will be an actual crisis but more of a holy grail for shooters in the future.

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