Crysis 2 PC Demo Update 1.2 available

By on March 7, 2011

Now here is something unexpected. Crytek released a new update for their PC demo of Crysis 2 that updates its version to 1.2. This latest version has a different welcome message. Instead of prompting gamers to press start to begin, it now asks if PC gamers could be so kindly to press the enter button. It’s funny that Crytek included this fix to its demo. Guess they got bored of PC gamers’ bitching. Moreover, the hacks that were made available these past days are incompatible with this latest version. Thank God that Crytek blocked them. So it’s time now to play some MP matches before new hacks surface. There isn’t any download link for the patch, as the autoupdater will do everything for you the next time you launch the demo.

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