Crytek wants 8GB of RAM for next-generation consoles

By on April 18, 2011

According to Crytek’s R&D principal graphics engineer Tiago Sousa, the most restrictive attribute of our current generation consoles is their low RAM. Sousa told Digital Foundry that the next generation consoles need to have 8GB of RAM. And no, this is not a late April’s fool joke. It’s funny witnessing such statements from Crytek though.

“My finger-pointing at Microsoft/Sony would really be on the memory side,” Sousa told Digital Foundry and continued. “It’s way too low, and the biggest crippling factor from a visual perspective.”

The above statement is contrary to what Crytek was stating some time ago. When Crysis 2 was in development, the company was really proud with what they could achieve to consoles. The German company had also pointed out that the console development was also beneficial to the PC version and, as you may have guessed, at that time they didn’t complain about the console’s limitations.

The company had stated over and over again that the game was not dumbed down but these latest statements reveal what we all knew all along. That Crysis 2’s development was dumbed down due to its multiplatform nature and that’s one reason for its limited environments.

“I would really like to see next-gen console platforms with a minimum of 8GB” Sousa added later.


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