Deus Ex: Human Revolution will have an option to deactivate highlighting

By on April 18, 2011

One of the most controversial features of the latest part of the Deus Ex series is the highlight of the environmental objects. A lot of gamers think that this feature will totally destroy the whole immersion of the game. And we have to agree with that. Although this might be due to the fact that Adam has been augmented, it feels kind of weird.

So here are some amazing news for all those Deus Ex fans. Eidos released a video in which Jean-Francois Dugas and David Anfossi announced that there will be an option to turn off both the highlight of the environmental objects and the objective locators. Developers have listened and have implemented this requested feature for all of us that find it annoying. Therefore, players will be able to completely turn off the augmented reality.

Enjoy the following video in which Jean-Francois and David demonstrate Deus Ex: Human Revolution without the augmented reality.

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