Dragon Age II DRM details announced

By on February 2, 2011

DRM. How much do we hate it… especially if it’s similar to StarForce or the recently online-only method of Ubisoft. The companies need to understand that with a very strict DRM, they won’t be earning more sales. On the contrary, this might be a reason for some really low sales. After all, if a game is good, PC gamers will support the developers by buying it. There is a reason why “The Witcher” and “Sins of Solar Empire” were successful. And that was not due to their DRM methods.

But what about the DRM of Dragon Age II?

BioWare chose the easy way and decided to implement two DRM methods. One for the Steam version and another for the retail. The Steam version will use our well-known Steam DRM, whereas the retail will require online verification. There aren’t any long-term install limits, but only five PCs can access the game every 24 hours. Also, offline play is an option, but you’ll have to sign-in online after “a select period of days”.

Dragon Age II will be released on March 8 2011 for PC, PS3 and X360.

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