Fifa 12 PC news coming soon – PC gamers should not panic… yet

By on May 30, 2011

By now, most PC gamers will be cursing EA Sports. And who wouldn’t if the impact engine was only featured in the X360 and PS3 versions? However, it’s time to relax and take a closer look at this matter. How the rumor got started? It’s basically EA’s and Eurogamer’s fault. In their Fifa 12 press release, they stated that the impact engine would only be available to X360 and PS3. Eurogamer then wrote that the engine would not be available to the PC version and all hell broke loose.

However, that press release was only about the console versions. EA Sports hasn’t announced anything at all for the PC version. Moreover, here are the tags of the Fifa 12 press release:

Formats: 3DS, PS2, PS3, Wii, X360

Noticed that a major platform is missing? Yeap right, PC is nowhere to be found. According to David Rutter, EA Sports will unveil the PC version in July. Additionally, David teased PC gamers by saying that they will be happy with these Fifa 12 PC news. Moreover, the developers had already confirmed in a live webcast in 28th April that Fifa 12’s PC version will have the same features as the next-gen console versions. Last but not least, EA Sports’ Community manager, Romily Broad, wrote on his Twitter:

People are misinterpreting our intentions on PC. More info to come. You won’t be disappointed.

And if that wasn’t enough, someone asked Romily on Facebook and Romily said that everything is good:

*******: Hey romily is the impact engine will be only on ps3 and Xbox 360? and and i heard that fifa 12 PC is going to be same as fifa 12 ps3 is it true?

Romily Broad: We will be talking more about PC soon. But don’t worry, it’s all good.

So PC gamers, relax. There is no reason at all to get upset… yet. And we don’t believe that both the developers and the company’s community manager are lying to us. Obviously, something big is coming to the PC and EA Sports will release an exclusive PC press release for Fifa 12.

All your questions will be answered this July. Untill then, be a little bit patient!

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  • Gav

    Haha yes everyone was Cursing and hoping Ea Sport burn in hell… Im Too. But this article show new hopes! I Want same Fifa 12 in Pc that in PS3. Pc Has very much potential.