Gears of War 3 details revealed!

By on February 4, 2011

First of all it’s being released later than expected, sorry guys it wont be released in April but sometime in the holidays near Christmas, I guessing so that they can cash in more. I am so excited about this game i really cant wait until it comes out! Its the start of the year and I’m already excited, it does look like a really good game.

Gears of War 3will be the last Gears of War game ever to be released, simply because, its gunna be the end of the war. The war is between the COGS and the Locust but in Gears 3 its been revealed it will also contain a new enemy called the lambent who are basically like beasts that have been exposed to too much emulsion and gone all funny, then blow up when ya kill them. It does look pretty sweet and the graphics look epic compared to the previous games graphics which where really similar.In the teaser trailer of the game, the one where it’s Dom running threw people made of ash (its been made certain that its Dom – traumatised after the death of Maria) It says at the end ‘brothers to the end’ which fades out apart from the two words ‘the end’ proving its gunna be the last gears game and possibly the end of the war, but I really don’t have a clue how its gunna sway. If i had to guess i would say that Marcus dies at the end or something along those lines. It will be an epic story just like the previous two games, that will almost resemble a film.

Even though Gears of War 3 comes out towards the end of this year, it’s already 3rd on the top pre-order chart on, confirming how popular the game actually is. Also some news if you didn’t know, Beserkers are back! if you only played Gears 2 then Berserkers are basically giant locusts who are blind and have really good hearing, the only way to kill them is with the hammer of dawn. I missed them in Gears 2 but its shown in the game-play trailer that they make a swift return. A new feature in Gears 3 is that you can look down the sights of your weapon to get a more precise shot. This looks really cool and hope it works out as well as it sounds.

Talking about things returning, the hammer burst is back! This is a burst fire weapon that is a different choice from the lancer. They also have a lancer with a bayonet on the end instead of a chainsaw, which is supposed to be like a prelancer kind of weapon, but it has an awesome charge ability thing (shown in video) that makes up for it not having a chainsaw. Obviously all the weapons are back, none are disappearing as of yet, but i know they’vemade changes to the gorgon pistol (kantus pistol) probably making it automatic or something like that. There is also a new weapon appearing called ‘The One Shot’ this is a COG weapon that is basically an anti-material sniper rifle that I’m guessing kicks ass. Only pictures of it have been released, sadly no game-play as of yet although its said its like the mortar and Mulcher in that it has to deployed. Another weapon to be added is the double barrel shotgun, which looks pretty sweet and can apparently get two players with it if the enemies are close enough. The smoke grenade will now stun enemies but not so that they cant move like in gears 2 which was annoying and seemed to ensure death, it now just stuns you a little and also slows you down if you are stuck with one. Another new weapon is the Digger launcher which simply shoots out a grenade that buries underground and pops up where youve aimed. This is good for getting people behind cover. Last but not least, a new grenade is released, an incendiary grenade which sets the surrounding area/enemies on fire where it lands. This would be pretty cool as i personally love all the grenades in Gears of War.

For those online players who love the experience of playing Gears of war online, they are making a lot of changes to the ranking systems to make it more fun online, a little like Call of Duty i guess. When you rank up its been said that you can unlock new kill animations (the animation your character does when it kills a downed enemy) and new outfits as well, such as Coles Thrashball costume. I’m not sure what else you unlock but I’m sure they add more stuff to keep it interesting. Every single weapon in the game has a different killing animation which is kinda cool, so you don’t get bored of the same thing. Another good thing for people who want to play online is the use of dedicated servers on the game and also host migration, when the host tries to cheat of leaves the game.

The game will have a new feature calle, the TacCom system which basically allows you to tag players for a small amount of time that the whole team can see. This could be a very handy feature especially if you can do it through walls, but i just hope it doesn’t cause to much of an advantage. If you are new to Gears of War then Gears 3 will notice if you have no achievements in the previous games and give you a damage boost for the first 10 kills to help you get into the riding seat of playing online.

A couple of game modes for online have been added/removed and altered a little. Both Warzone and Execution will not be changed at all but the arrival of Team Death-match may overwhelm the other two most popular game types. In Team Death-match both teams start with a limited amount of respawns, one you run out of respawns then it turns into the same as Warzone where if you die, you become a spectator. Apparently you can also revive yourself after being down for a time, just like in execution, in every game type now, apart from Warzone which would be handy. Annex has barely changed, but is now called King of the Hill. Its exactly the same but you don’t have to stay in the hill after you’ve taken over it. Capture the leader is similar to guardian and submission where the objective is to capture the leader for 30 seconds whilst protecting your own. However the leader can no longer die, only downed, and is captured by being picked up as a meat shield. The game type Wingman will also be the same apart from only being 4 teams of two instead of 5 which is to solve the problem of spawning right next to your enemies which it was like in Gears of War 2.

The Maps that have been revealed so far are;

– Checkout – A map with lots of cover based in a shopping mall. It is similar to a plus shape to make it very interesting and full of action.

– Trenches – A locust themed map that is a map with a large hill. teams spawn either side of the hill. It obviously contains trenches and also has a crane which contains a Mortar.

– Mercy – A church based map allowing access to the courtyard and the church. Is full of deep cover and good points of vantage.

– Overpass – An awesome and unique map that slowly sinks into the ground overtime. It had a large Overpass in the middle allowing for battle to commence in all its awesomeness.

– Thrashball Arena – This is simply a Thrashball stadium, (the spost Cole used to play) full of cover, very unique.

All the maps seem really cool and i cant wait to see them being played!

The characters of Gears 3 mostly stay the same, obviously Marcus Fenix, Dom, Baird and Cole will be in there but also women are well respected and you can play as Anya, who used to be on your headset, or as Jace Stratton, a new character to the game. There will also be new character such as the Lambent, (locust exposed to emulsion too much) that can spread tentacles and charge at you as they blow up before death. There is also some kind of double boltok pistol wielding guy for the locust with spiky, hedgehog like back, which looks pretty sweet. There will also be a new boomer-like character armed with the new digger launcher. There will of course be the last carmine brother, Clayton carmine who looks really sweet, even more bad-ass then Marcus! i guess its what we have to look forward to! Also the locust queen will be in the battlefield kicking ass as she should do and is also be playable online which is pretty damn cool right?!

Game modes playable offline and online include the return of the popular Horde from gears of war 2 with a few tweaks and extras, and a new mode called Beast mode. This is basically the opposite to Horde where you play as the locust, buying the different types of locust with points that you get for killing the COGs. You can choose any thing such as a ticker, wretch or even beserker if you have the required points. Another new mode is the Arcade mode which allows you to basically just have fun and mess around with settings such as gravity and big head mode. You can imagine it being pretty cool to mess about on.

Also if you fancy getting your hands on the Gears of War 3 Beta then you should buy the new game Bulletstorm being released this february.

For now this is all the information i have for Gears of war 3, I’m sure you can search yourself at a later date if you want to find out more about the game but i do think it will be game of the year as it is just the game of the xbox, its what the xbox is for. Anyway, hope this helped you out a bit guys and happy gaming.


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