GTA4 like you’ve never seen it before

By on February 16, 2011

It is well known that GTA4 is one of the worst console ports, if not THE worst. And although its graphics were quite average at its release, the modding community has managed to literally transform Rockstar’s baby; or to be more precise, Vorontsov Boris ENBseries mod is the one and only mod you’ll ever want to install. Boris did an amazing job and what is even better, is that you can modify ENBseries parameters to your liking.

There are a lot of configs for GTA4’s ENBseries mod, but we have to admit that this one is simply… amazing. All credits go to Napoleonic from Rage3D. Napoleonic’s customization is beautiful. Or to put it simple, this is by far the best customization of GTA4’s ENBseries mod we have ever seen. Enjoy the following video!

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  • Sourav Chakraborty

    I really really loved GTA 4, even though it stuttered like hell until patch 1.3.

    This mod really makes me want to play the game again…