New Halo: Reach First Campaign Level Details and Info

By on June 14, 2010

Bungie showed off a bit of the first level of the campaign for Halo Reach at E3 2010. You land from a Pelican with your team and walk straight into a warzone. The Covenant are back and are the main enemy. You immediately see Elites dropping from the atmosphere and do your Spartan thing.

The Spartans shown are all different sizes and tricked out in different armor types. It really shows the possibilities that players will have in this long awaited action game. After you storm the beach ala Normandy style, you rush a building already in combat. After clearing the base of Covenant, you just into a rocket and launch into space. They then showed you some space battles. Yes, space battles in Halo! I hope they control better than that freaking Warthog!

The game looks great and the action looks frenetic. Bungie is known for its story telling ability and this looks to be another hallmark for them. After the great book Fall of Reach, players have been dying to play the storyline in game form and it looks like this will quench their (blood)thirst.

We did see some maybe secret things in the gameplay. The player looked a glowing holographic model that could be a hint to something in the future. We don’t know what it but we can’t wait to see what happens! Halo Reach ships September 2010.

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  • anonamous

    no the first level is completely different it has a released video but the level your talking about is to show off the space fighting as a teaser.