HomeFront PC Features Revealed

By on February 2, 2011

Kaos Studios has revealed some interesting PC features of HomeFront. Among other things, the game will support 32 players multiplayer games, has average PC requirements, will use Steamworks and will support Nvidia’s 3D Vision.

Furthermore, additional work has been done on the game’s vehicles, and on PC, you’ll be able to control all vehicles from the first-person cockpit viewpoint as well as third-person. Additional control options for helicopters were added, to “give those players looking for more sim-like controls something to get their teeth round.”

These are exciting news, as the PC version will get some love and won’t be a simple port. It remains to be seen if PC gamers will embrace Kaos Studios efforts or not. We’ll soon find out, as Homefront will be released on 08 March 2011 for PC, X360 and PS3.

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