Hydrophobia Prophecy First Patch Released

By on May 11, 2011

Hydrophobia Prophecy has just been released and Dark Energy released the first patch for it. This patch brings some fixes and adds support for sli/crossfire configuration in the ded.ini file. It also adds the ‘audio device selection’ option on the game’s launcher. The patch weights 224MB and will be auto-downloaded next time you launch Steam. You can view the entire changelist after the jump.

Hydrophobia Patch #1 Includes:

  • Fix for lights intensities going out of range
  • Possible fix for the intense light bug
  • Fix for Kate sometimes getting inside objects when detaching from cover.
  • Fixed issue where, with the camera at certain angles while in cover, pressing a single direction key (WASD) would not detach you from cover and you would have to hold 2 keys simultaneously to exit cover in these situations.
  • Fix for some users getting no audio
  • Audio device selection now available on launcher, if no selection has been
    made then game defaults on launcher and in the game to the default windows
  • Added support for sli/crossfire configuration in the ded.ini
  • Moved cutscene skip onto the right mouse button.

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