MLB2K11 Patch v1.1 Released

By on May 19, 2011

2K Sports released the first, day-one patch, of MLB 2K11. This patch contains some serious fixes and will update your game’s version to 1.1. Seriously now, the changelist is huge. These are good news for all those Baseball fans out there. In case you’ve missed it, we have a Performance Analysis for this game. MLB 2K11 is a CPU bound game and won’t stress your high-end GPU, as a single GTX275 is sufficient for a great gaming experience. Read the complete patch changelist after the jump.


  • Fix a crash that sometimes occurred when players were waiting at home plate
    to celebrate with other teammates that are about to cross home plate.
  • Fix a crash that would occur if there was an empty slot on the pitching
    rotation screen and the user was changing through players on the playercard.
  • Fix a soft hang when the user disconnects the controller during the coach’s
  • Fix crash caused by players assigning or trading players on the DL.
  • Fix a crash during the Postseason caused by the user adjusting lineups for
    teams that were no longer playing.
  • Fix problem where players signature batting or pitching animations were not
    always being loaded.
  • Fix problem where a hit ball would go through the pitching screen in Home
    Run Derby.
  • Fix a problem that was preventing the adjusted ratings from being shown on
    the pitcher’s pitch breakdown dialog accessed off the player card.


  • Fix a crash when the host views a 2K Sports Profile and the client accepts a
    game invite for a postseason match up.
  • Fix a divergence when user play against each other twice with a user
    entering then exiting another league between the 1st and 2nd match for any
    online league.
  • Fix problem caused by having created teams and downloading multiple living
    season rosters and editing players on your team multiple times.
  • Fix so the adjusted player ratings show on the player card within MLB Today
  • Fix uncommon problem where the Dynamic Player Rating System could be
    deactivated incorrectly on some days during the Minor League Postseason games.
  • Fix bug where the user is unable to upload snapshots or video (they get an
    “upload aborted” prompt when done uploading) when using the upload features from
    the replay menu in any game mode.


  • Fix a rare crash at the end of the draft when teams were signing players.
  • Fix a bug on the trade notification dialog where the level of the
    organization instead of the player was being displayed for each team. Everyone
    was shown as being in the MLB instead of MLB, AAA, AA, or A.
  • Fix problem where the AI was signing free agents to multi-year contracts
    when they were only intended to cover a shortage due to a serious DL injury.
  • Additional pages of information to the 2K Franchise Handbook to help players
    understand the new features and functionality in Franchise Mode.
  • Adjust text on the informational dialog that is shown the first time go to the Schedule screen to also explains the Hot/Cold icons and point the player to the new pages of information in the 2K GM Handbook.
  • Fix problem with new pitcher draftee’s being given in appropriate potential
    ratings based on their pitch arsenal.
  • Improve the distribution of the player potential within the new draftee
    class to ensure that years in the future the league has the correct balance of
    player skill.
  • Adjusted the decrease for a pitcher’s fastball when they are declining in
    their career. Greatly improves player regression for older pitchers.
  • Fix problem where the player potential was not properly updating as player’s
    declined near the end of the careers.
  • Fix uncommon problem on the Postseason task list where the AI was not
    properly automating the tasks when requested.
  • Fix problem with contract amounts that was causing some low budget teams to
    occasionally run out of money 10+ years into the franchise.
  • Fix bug that was causing the AI to incorrectly resign position players that
    had expired contracts even if the team had enough players at the position.
  • Fix problem that caused left handed throwing players that were substituted
    into the catcher role would catch the ball with their bare hand.


  • Improve the transitions between animations when running on the base path.
  • Fix uncommon problem that caused the base runner to run out of the base
  • Fix a rare problem that had the pitcher come to bat with his fielding glove
    still on his hand.
  • Fix so catchers are now playing the proper cut/change direction animations.
  • Fix problem where player would start to throw the ball but would not release
    the ball.
  • Fix problem where AI backup players would sometimes run into the player
    catching a fly ball.
  • Fix to the AI throw intensity calculation so they chose an appropriate throw
    based on the situation.
  • Fix problems where the player would go part way through a wall while making
    a catch or throw.
  • Fix problem where the player was playing the incorrect wall climb for the
    height of the wall.
  • Improve the wall climb detection so wall climbs are more likely to play if
    the ball is possibly playable.
  • Fix problem that would sometimes cause the catcher to stand up to move
    location between pitches.
  • Fix uncommon problem where the catcher would not catch a pitchout from the
  • Improve the cutoff man location and appearance. Sometimes the cutoff man
    would twitch in location.
  • Fix problems with diving tags not transitioning properly.
  • Fix problem with the wrong player (Pitcher vs Catcher) was being selected on
    bunts causing frequently missed plays.
  • Fix for uncommon situations where the first baseman would not perform a
    basestomp when they should.
  • Fix problem where the Human Pitch Control Slider was incorrectly adjusting
    the pitch accuracy calculation.
  • Fix rare problem where a base runner would be moved to the next base when
    the play ended.
  • Fix problem where sometimes the substitution commentary would not play.
  • Fixed an uncommon problem where the player would slide without playing an
    animation to a location to make a catch.
  • Fix a rare bug where the same batter comes to bat after the pitcher was
    injured while on offense.
  • Fix problem where are few pitcher’s gesture for the Splitter did not match
    the art gesture shown.
  • Fix problem where high stamina pitchers energy was not being calculated
  • Fix problem where fastballs were incorrectly being limited to 99 MPH


  • Fix an uncommon problem where the AI would attempt to steal to the base the
    My Player was occupying.

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