New Crysis 2 patch coming later this week

By on March 28, 2011

As we reported yesterday, PC pirates were able to play online on the official servers. Not for long however, which will definitely bring a smile to those that bought the game. According to Cry-Tom from MyCrysis, Crytek is preparing a patch that will resolve a lot of the post-launch issues. It will also include some improvements to Crysis 2’s security. These updates will be made available via automatic-download later this week.

Do not confuse this patch with the rumored DX11 update. There were some rumors that it would be released today but we can safely say that it won’t. After all, Crytek twitted yesterday that this DX11 update will be coming soon. Now if it was going to be released today, the company would have said that it is coming tomorrow instead of ‘coming soon’. Our guess about DX11’s update release? About half a month from now!

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  • ION

    really stupid people at crytek…
    Crysis was a revolution in pc gaming…crysis 2 returned them in the stone-age

    • Erik Lindman

      oh yeah? Well it certainly look better than every single fps out there.

      • bro

        Except first Crysis. :P

      • guesta

        no it doesn’t. you just haven’t played any. few games have this low textures any more.