No plans for Fable 2 PC

By on May 16, 2011

According to Mike West’s latest interview with BeefJack, there are currently no plans for porting the second part of the franchise to the PC. Which kind of sucks for all those PC fans out there. Mike West said that it was the perfect time to port Fable III to the PC and that’s why the team decided to do so. Which basically means that if it wasn’t for the DLC content (which pretty much freed the team’s coders, giving them time start on porting the game), we wouldn’t be seeing Fable III on the PC.

“Unfortunately for Fable II fans, those same coders are already working on new projects and going back to a Fable II conversion isn’t a priority I’m afraid.” added West.

Fable III will be released tomorrow on the PC and Lionhead promises it to be a true PC game.


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