Operation Flashpoint: Red River – Day 1 PC Patch

By on April 23, 2011

Codemasters announced the details of the Day 1 Patch that is already available for their latest squad FPS game, Operation Flashpoint: Red River. According to Codemasters’ Community Manager, Helios, this patch brings the PC version into alignment with the console versions of the game. Riiiiiiiiiight. But hold on a second, at this point we have to wonder. Why on Earth wasn’t the PC version patched before release with all those features like the console version? Anyway, the patch should auto-update when you log in to GFWL and Steam. You can view the feature list after the jump!

  • Graphical improvements
    • The advanced options heading now displays for older graphics cards
    • Occlusion culling is now turned off on high end PCs for enhanced graphical performance
    • Graphical corruption on the Radeon x1900 series of cards is no longer present
    • It is now possible to select resolutions above 1280×1024 with Xfire enabled on Radeon 5870 graphics cards, (eyefinity edition)
    • Turning the resolution down from the highest available setting and then back up, no longer changes the display to windowed mode
  • PC controls input improvements
    • Confirming duplicate button selection with the “Return” key now functions correctly
    • Pressing “Escape” from the Controller Options screen no longer attempts to take you back two menus to the main Options menu
    • The “Sign in status changed” dialog box now has mouse functionality
    • The SMAW weapon can now be picked up if the player pushes the Mouse Wheel during the Reload animation
  • Improvements to messaging
    • In the game lobby the “Invite Friends” tooltip is no longer present if the lobby is full
    • The Game Menu tooltip is now visible on the Spectator screen when in 800×600 resolution
    • Client ALT-Tabbing while loading now gives correct error message
  • Stability improvements
    • We have significantly improved the stability when the game is played over extended periods of time
    • Fixed a rare client hang when the Co-op host would Load or Restart the “Breakthough” FTE mission
    • Signing in and out multiple times on the front end no longer causes a hang
    • Fixed an issue to prevent clients crashing on loading if host team kills another client in game multiple times
  • Mission logic
    • It is no longer possible to avoid a trigger zone in Mission 8
    • Experienced difficulty is now triggering the correct checkpoints
    • Improvements have been made to Mission 2 logic to improve experience
    • Mission 8 – Players no longer get run over by a Humvee when they arrive at the 5th squad objective “Capture the first tier of the town”
  • Save/load improvements
    • The Campaign Mission checkpoint is no longer lost when players quit and return from a completed FTE mission
    • A Humvee destroyed with player in gunner seat now renders correctly after loading last checkpoint
    • The Type 2004 Missile will no longer appear loaded after loading last checkpoint if the player is out of ammo/missiles
    • Mines placed before checkpoint will no longer kill friendly units after loading last checkpoint
    • Various checkpoint fixes in Mission 7
  • OSD improvements
    • “Start/stop convoy” OSD is no longer visible in non-Rolling Thunder FTEs
    • Player damage and bleed out meter is now displayed correctly after loading last checkpoint
    • “Game is not paused in Cooperative mode” text no longer constantly appears
    • Clients no longer appear to have 16 Mags of ammo when using an ammo box to refill
    • The “Open Lobby” tooltip no longer remains on the client’s screen when the mission is completed or failed
    • Viewing team mates down the scope for too long no longer results in icons staying glued to the scope
    • Squad leader markers no longer become stuck on the thermal scope screen
  • Networking improvements
    • Clients no longer see dead enemies floating above the school when killed from a distance in Mission 2
    • The client’s camera no longer gets locked to a fixed position when the host restarts the session
    • Incapacitated players no longer move sporadically on client machine
  • Audio improvements
    • Audio optimisations made to prevent audio dropout
    • New audio mixes for the Humvee and helicopters have been included
  • Animations improvements
    • Reload system – players no longer reload empty “splash” (SMAW, FGM-148, PF98) weapons
    • Clients will always play their correct walk/run animations and can no longer be seen to be surfing across the terrain
    • Shooting a group of enemies with a grenade launcher no longer leaves an enemy floating in the air

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  • Sdasd

    where is the patch?

    is this another fake?

    • john2

      Buy the damn games and stop pirating them. The patch is available via GFWL and Steam. Those who purchased them have access to it from Day-1. Those who pirated don’t. As simple as that!