Operation Flashpoint: Red River SLI Workaround

By on May 30, 2011

Great news for SLI users that have bought Operation Flashpoint: Red River. Although Nvidia hasn’t released any official SLI profile for this game, BlueEyes73 from the Codemasters forum has found out the SLI compatibility bit that enables it. In case you’re wondering, SLI scaling with this custom bit is great as our framerate has almost doubled.

As always, you’ll have to use the Nvidia Inspector tool. As there isn’t any profile at all for this game, you’ll have to create one. After choosing a profile name and adding the game’s executable file, make sure to use this SLI compatibility bit: 0x02C0005. You should also choose the ‘SLI_PREDEFINED_MODE_FORCE_AFR2′ option for the Nvidia predefined SLI mode.

And there you have it, enjoy great SLI scaling with this latest part of Operation Flashpoint. Moreover, if you want to enable the Ambient Occlusion, you should use this Ambient Occlusion compatibility bit: 0x00000016. Be warned though that it comes with a performance hit, especially if you choose its High Quality setting.

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