Operation Flashpoint: Red River release date announced

By on February 17, 2011

Codemasters has just confirmed that Operation Flashpoint: Red River will be released on April 21, 2011 for PC, X360 and PS3. Red River is the sequel of the reborned series that was developed from Codemasters themselves. As you may be aware, the first Operation Flashpoint was developed by Bohemia Interactive, who then developed the ArmA series. We hope that Red River will have better support and won’t be haunted by the same mistakes of its predecessor, although the GUI seems to remain as bad as it was.

Red River will also include a deeper narrative-led campaign, a streamlined inventory and control system, refined enemy and squad AI systems. Furthermore there are player class roles including customisable XP upgrades and loadout choices, close-quarters combat, new air support options and comprehensive tutorials. Will it be able to compete with ArmA2? Only time will tell.

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