I’m Playing Earthbound for the First Time Ever – Part 1

By on July 26, 2010

I grew up playing 16 bit RPGs on my family’s Super Nintendo. In fact, I will argue to my death that the role playing games from the 16 bit era, more specifically from Square, are the greatest games ever made. I traveled time in Chrono Trigger and destroyed the world in Final Fantasy 3 (6) but I never got the chance to play Earthbound aka Mother 2 for the SNES. I had heard of it but it was rare in my town and no one I knew growing up had it to borrow from. Now, almost exactly 15 years later, I have taken it upon me to try this game out finally. So, I found a copy of the game online and bought it (don’t tell my wife) and now I’m working through it.

First of all, I love the art style. I have a special place in my heart for pixel art and animations and this game satisfies like BBQ during the summer. Its a bright colorful depiction of Americana. The music is also fantastic and really helps sell the presentation.

So far, I’m about to leave the first town. I just took down the first boss and got my first sanctuary. The story is your standard save the world adventure tale.

The gameplay is standard turn based RPG with weapon attacks and spells. Nothing worth noting but where the game really shines is its sense of humor. The game is just down right quirky. It’s got a clever sense of humor and have the fun in playing is talking to townsfolk and hearing what they have to say. This is not your typical RPG.

So far, I love the modern setting with the sci-fi theme. This was sorely lacking in my youth and I’m pretty happy with the game thus far. Stay tuned for more adventures!

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