Raskulls Gameplay Trailer

By on March 22, 2010

Fresh on Monday morning, we got a hot new gameplay trailer for Halfbrick’s upcoming Raskulls. Its a racing, puzzle, action game and I know that sounds weird but check out this trailer and tell me you aren’t intrigued!

Check out the official press release after the jump.

The evil Pirats have crash-landed their ship on the Raskulls world. Their search for the Cheese Planet must wait as they hasten to find a source of fuel and continue their journey. Unfortunately for the Raskulls, Captain J. Turncoat has his sights set on the legendary Shiny Stone, which possesses incredible power.

After the Pirats’ botched attempt at stealing the Shiny Stone from Sergeant Bonesaw and General Battlebones, the Raskulls leader King devises a devious plan to thwart his cheese-loving enemies and possibly take credit for someone else’s heroic deeds while he’s at it. He sets up The Tournament, where the Shiny Stone will be offered as the grand prize. The Pirats will inevitably show themselves during the Tournament, King will identify them as the culprits and defeat them handily, and everyone will make it back in time for dinner. A plan this good couldn’t possibly go wrong.

Will King expose the Pirats and bring peace to the Raskulls world?

Will Dragon hook up with his love interest Ridinghood?

And will the Pirats obtain enough fuel to power their ship AND run their ice-cream machine Mr. Freezy?

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