Recreating STALKER with the power of Crysis’

By on February 9, 2011

STALKER and Crysis share two things in common. First and foremost, both of them were PC exclusives and secondly, both of them have amazing lighting techniques, although X-Ray’s sunrays came with a big performance hit. The similarities may end here but did you ever wonder how STALKER would look like if it was developed with CryEngine 2? After all, CryEngine 2 is more efficient and generally better than the X-Ray engine. Does the STALKER setting fit to the CryEngine 2 and can those atmospheric environments be reproduced?

If you did, it’s time to find out as the Russian team, World Of Stalkers, develops a mod that will basically port STALKER to Crysis. The mod is called Cryzone – Sector 23 and you can take a look in the following video. The mod plans to add some new features to the game too, including a Far Cry 2 style healing system, in which your character must fix wounds by injecting themselves, or removing bullets from wounds. We simply hope there won’t be any issues with STALKER’s copyrights. Kudos to the team, as this total conversion is already polished and seems quite promising. Enjoy!

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