Risen 2: Dark Waters Revealed

By on February 20, 2011

Now here is an RPG we are really looking forward to. Risen was developed by Piranha Bytes and is the spiritual successor to their previous RPG, Gothic. Since publisher JoWood had the rights of this legendary series and didn’t let Piranha Bytes to develop its last part, the company decided to make their own game: a game that is what Gothic 4 should have been. It’s pretty much the same story we have with Codemasters’ ‘Operation Flashpoint’ and Bohemia Interactive’s ‘ArmA’ series. The first Risen was quite successful and didn’t suffer from any major bug. To say the truth, we thought that this was quite impossible. Piranha Bytes delivered and its fanbase were please with Risen.

So it was to be expected that the studio would develop a sequel for it. And guess what. It is 80% ready, which means that we might get it this year, although we doubt. Once again, you take the role of the nameless hero, who’s living in a small harbor village called “Caldera”. The game is now spread about multiple islands. As with Mass Effect and The Witcher, Risen 2’s story is more complex and will have different consequences depending on your choices. The world will be bigger than Risen’s and the side quests should be more complex this time. Graphics wise, there is bump mapping and realistic realtime clouds instead of a skybox. And forget those invisible walls as Piranha plans to avoid them as much as they can.

Enjoy the following first screenshots!

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