Sniper: Ghost Warrior sells one million copies

By on February 16, 2011

We were quite surprised with City Interactive’s latest announcement. Sniper: Ghost Warrior was released on June 29, 2010 for the X360 and on June 24, 2010 via Steam for the PC. Despite the average reviews, it managed to exceed City Interactive’s expectations. According to its CEO, Marek Tymiński , Sniper: Ghost Warrior has sold over one million copies, seven months after its official launch.

City Interactive is pleased with the sales and due to its success, they revealed that they are already developing its sequel. What is more surprising, is that its sequel will be using Crytek’s latest engine, CryEngine 3 and will be released for PS3, X360 and PC. Exciting news to say the least. We just hope that the sequel won’t be as bugged as its predecessor. And as a reminder for all those PS3 gamers out there, the PS3 version will be released shortly.

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