Space Invaders Infinity Gene –Evolutional Theory– Soundtrack Album Released

By on April 14, 2011

Lately, a lot of games get their soundtracks released. Crysis 2, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, Donkey Kong Country ‘remixed’ and let’s not forget the upcoming Live Concert at Plaza del Sol Performance Hall, California State University Northridge that will feature the music of ‘Bioshock’ and ‘Dante’s Inferno’. And now it’s time for Taito’s Space Invaders Infinity Gene, as its album is already available for download via the iTunes Store.

Entitled SPACE INVADERS INFINITY GENE –EVOLUTIONAL THEORY–, this comprehensive soundtrack collects all of the music from the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad version as well as the subsequent PlayStation 3 system/Xbox 360 release. While the album is an excellent way for existing fans to relive the music from the game, it will also give the uninitiated a glimpse into the world of SPACE INVADERS INFINITY GENE.

“SPACE INVADERS INFINITY GENE originally debuted as a Java phone game, but it soon evolved into an iPhone/iPod touch hit and then finally into a PlayStation®3 system/Xbox 360 release. The evolution continues: now the soundtrack is breaking away from the game, transforming into a stand–alone CD and digital download. The entire history of the evolution of SPACE INVADERS is concentrated in this one album, and we hope you’ll experience it for yourself.” said the game’s Composer, Hirokazu Koshio.

“I believe that this album will break through the wall isolating game soundtracks from music in general.” added Reisuke Ishida, Album Art Director and the Director of SPACE INVADERS INFINITY GENE.

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